Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Light Artists

The scientific term for light is electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation.  Meaning that 'light' is a series of wavelengths, or colors, of lights that can be seen with the human eye (  Personally I like the definition "the radiance or illumination from a particular source" (  I think that Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke might agree with me on that point, considering their light photography contains a great amount of illumination.

Lightmark No.61
Briksdalsbreen, Norway.  ( 

Their pictures are taken at night using flashlights and torches, creating images of movement through the contrasts of light and darkness (  They travel in the day to find areas where they can create their works, set up stations of markers, and then come back at night to actually shoot the picture.  They use time-exposure photography to capture the movement.

Lightmark No.84
Frenchman Peak, Cape Le Grande National Park, Australia.  (

As puts it, Goepel and Warnecke's "painting with light"  is a innovative and truly beautiful new way to look at light and darkness.  Jens says that "the unpredictable creative process is the most fascinating part" of their work.  I would have to say that what I find most intriguing, is the way their pictures show many different aspects of light.  There is a soft glow, a sharp point of light, and the trickling effect of the stars' light from the time-exposure photography.

In comparison to the fluidity of movement seen in Goepel and Warnecke's work, there is a very materialistic, geometric, and serene feel to Tadao Ando's work, especially in the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Ando creates a restful atmosphere in the museum through the integration of the exterior and interior.  The materials used and the geometric "Y" shape beams is all visible, but through the de-materialization of walls, natural light floods the space.  Both Ando and Goepel/Warnecke use light as a central part of their work, Ando is much more structured, while Goepel/Warnecke are more concerned with movement.      

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I find inspiration all around me.  The smallest or seemingly minute things can strike my creative spark.